All Services and prices are subject to conditions of home and all prices are based on $30 per man hour. An average home is 4 man Hours.  Each home is different and this is just a basic cleaning. Prices can vary based on several circumstances.

  • up to 1,000 SF $90
  • 1,000-1500 SF $120
  • 1,500-2,500 SF $160 
  • We can clean once a week, once a month, or bi-weekly. 
  • Make Readies and larger homes and business are all based on estimates. We do Free Estimates. 
  • Anyone Who wants to pay Annually will receive 10% off entire price.  

We at TBAAM! Want to ensure you have the absolute best service that we can possibly render, We know that without our customer’s we don’t have a business.

Matthew 23:11– But the greatest among you shall be your servant.